Ford Stories.
Man and Machine.

On a cool November night, at a roadside diner, a tremor is felt. So begins this short, lyrical film directed Luke Huxham and produced by Let’s Be Friends.

Our challenge? Get inside the mind of Sprint Car driver Brendon Cascadden, 2018 Rookie of the Year—and attempt to document the incalculable bond between man and machine.

Straight into the action at Tri-City Motor Speedway, under the cover of night, the sound of Metallica’s Ride the Lightning drowned out by racing engines and roaring fans, we set about the task at hand. All-access granted means every shot we wanted, we got. Transitioning imperceptibly from sanctioned track to wild, wild country—the final lap was in sight.

Speaking of machines, the venomous Ford Raptor was selected because of its taut, capable look and the parallel between Cascadden’s Lightning Class Sprint Car. Key takeaways? Give the right keys to the right team and watch what happens. Branded content is bullshit. This is the real thing.

Starring: Brendon Cascadden
Directed by: Luke Huxham
EP’s: PJ Lungren, Keiron Berndt
DP: Richie Trimble
Edit: Robert Frenette
Sound Recordist: Mike Mulliniks
SFX: Andrey Statev
VO: Rick Darge
G&E: Courtesy Flag
1st AC: Kara Shae Micallef
Art: @doylehuge
Words: Benjamin Roy

Special Thanks:
Sam Gill
And many others