Going Deeper -
A Love Letter to Nazaré

This is a passion project filmed in Nazare, Portugal, written and directed by Luke Huxham. This isn't an action sports film, it's not even a surf film—it's a human story, set amongst the most powerful waves ever discovered on earth. Also, a tribute to Praia do Norte—among the of the most beautiful and dangerous beaches in the world, where feats once thought impossible have been achieved by the brave.

Written and Directed by: Luke Huxham
Featuring :
Abraham Ho, Alex Botelho, Justine Dupont, Hugo Vau, Fred David
Produced by:
Huxham Creative Studio (HCS)
Hoshino Atsushi
Dominik Somweber
DP :
Eder Robert / Chris Bryan
Project Manager:
Sean Line
Akira Rambo (HCS)
Assistant Editor:
Luke Huxham (HCS)
Huxham Creative Studio
Additional crew:
Yosuke Suga, Byung-Gyu Min, Masahiro Nishiguchi
Special thanks:
Influx-inc, RED Camera, RAID Japan,
G-Technology, DJI, Antoine Chicoye, Pedro Pisco @ Car Surf