Red Bull x Mugen Super GT

Red Bull collaborates with Team Mugen on their new Honda NSX race car for theSuper GT series. Filmed at Fuji Speedway with the help of the Team Mugen staff, we performed a Super GT pit stop under the darkness of the night. Director Luke Huxham and crew had to shoot and direct this entire project within a tight 3-hour schedule. No rehearsals. No mistakes. 

Director : Luke Huxham
Production :
Huxham Creative Studio
DP :
Yosuke Suga
Second unit director :
Akira Rambo
Second unit DP :
Ryoma Yoshimura
Third unit camera :
Matthew Carmody
First AC / Sound :
Masahiro Nishiguchi
Kotaro Suzuki
Edit :
Huxham Creative Studio
Color :
Huxham Creative Studio
CG :
CG :
Producer: Michal Dwojak-Hara
CG Supervisor:
Tomotaka Yokoo
Sound design :
Sound director :
Erik Reiff
Lighting director :
Keisuke Ikeda
Storyboard artist :
Tatsumi Sam Hsu
Camera car system :
Huxham Creative Studio
Camera car driver :
Kazuma Kakuta
Assistants :
Tetsushi Kiyotou, Sota Nakanishi